We co-operate with the most renown classical musicians in Prague, members of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague Symphony Orchestra, Prague Philharmonia, and many other professional chamber music ensembles and soloists. Long term experience with weddings, social events, banquets, ballroom dances and international events brings the guarantee of quality to your wedding or other event. Our offer includes performaces of solo organ, string quartet or quintet, up to an orchestra. Whatever is your choise, we will prepare a proposal fitted to your needs.

Organ music

We co-operate with renown organists, such as Vladimír Jelínek or Daniela Kosinová-Valtová.

Chamber music

For chamber groups, let's mention at least Parnas Ensemble, which performs very often as a string quartet or quintet. The recordings of the Parnas Ensemble have become the basics of our audio samples. The group specializes in music for special events and its repertoire and set up is very variable.

Dance music

Our favorit group for dance music is the Prague Symphony Pops Orchestra. Since 1985, the group has become a regular part of ballroom dances in Prague.


A symphony orchestra is not exactly the most popular demand for a wedding, but just in case that was your "cup of coffee", we are here to fulfil your wishes.!